Brussels, 12 March 2018 - The European associations representing the alcoholic beverages sectors submitted today to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Mr. Andriukaitis their self-regulatory proposal to provide ingredients listing and nutrition information for consumers about alcoholic drinks.

Without an EU legal obligation currently in place for alcoholic beverages above 1.2% alcohol by volume (abv) to show this information, the representative associations of the European wine, aromatised wine, spirits, beer and cider sectors have responsibly developed a meaningful and adapted voluntary solution to address consumer expectations about ingredients listing and nutritional information. The sectors have worked constructively together since the publication on 13 March 2017 of a European Commission report “regarding the mandatory labelling of the list of ingredients and the nutrition declaration of alcoholic beverages”, to put forward a joint proposal to provide consumers with meaningful, clear and easy to understand information on these aspects. The sectors’ objective is to improve consumer knowledge about these products and to empower them to make informed decisions about the products that they choose to consume within a balanced lifestyle.

Sector-specific annexes for beer, cider, spirits and wine have been developed by each sector to further address concretely the process and modalities for implementing the joint proposal for each sector. The annexes are under the sole responsibility of each sector.

The European alcoholic beverages sectors will report on implementation in March 2021, with individual sectors also reporting within the first two years on progress concerning their commitments.


Fonte: Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins, European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers, COPA and COGECA , European Federation of Origin Wines, spiritsEUROPE

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