Aims of the Federation are the protection and care of the interests of the category in all institutions, both national and community regulations.

Federvini plays the role of:

  • Protection, in the preparation of laws and other regulatory provisions, the interest of the members, through the constant activity of representation, control and direction at the national institutional corporations, about problems related to wine and food discipline or related to the production, packaging, transportation, marketing of all products in the industry, as well as those relating to the direct or indirect taxes. The Federation also protects the category in the management of labor relations, representing members in the renewal of the National Contracts of Labour, and outlining the guidelines as regards the so-called integrative bargaining or specific local issues.
  • Presence, in drafting legislative measures, at the European Union in order to achieve better protection of the interests of members in the European Community. The importance of working at this level is crucial, given the central role that wine on the arguments typically take the bodies.
  • Relationship with sister associations in the European Union.
  • Representation with the appropriate non-EU foreign institutional bodies for the solution of specific problems that may arise in countries outside the European Union.
  • Information to the public for the protection of the intrinsic qualities of the products through the Center for Studies and intervention for the social aspects of the consumption of alcoholic beverages (C.A.S.A.).
  • Among its purposes, Federvini does not provide promotion or direct marketing.


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