Us and European trade negotiators met on 19 October, but failed to reach an agreement: a number of industries, including the distilled spirits sector, has advocated for de-linking punitive tariffs and unrelated trade disputes on steel and aluminum and large civil aircraft. Less than a month remains before retaliatory tariffs on spirits and other products linked to the U.s.-Eu steel and aluminum dispute are reimposed, leading to uncertainty and instability for spirits and 90 unrelated sectors.

The trade welcomed the suspension of these prohibitively high tariffs in 2021 for providing critical relief to the American whiskey sector. Exporting to foreign markets has become a key element in the growth of smaller brands, and the prohibitively high tariffs have stymied the growth of this segment.

The spirits sector is urging U.s. and Eu negotiators to suspend these debilitating tariffs further if they are unable to secure their permanent removal.

More informations here: US whiskey tariff anxiety mounts - The Spirits Business

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