A recent study from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has suggested that certain styles of Sherry could be at risk due to rising temperatures. When the temperature is higher than 25ºC, the veil of flor could have difficulties growing normally.

 The results show that, by the middle of this century, the average outdoor temperature will increase by 2.3 °C (in summer up to 3.6 °C). As a consequence, the temperature in the ageing zone would exceed the comfort limit for 19% of the year, (up to 34% in hot years). For 2080, the prediction is even worse (average value of 27%).

The researchers then simulated conditions based on those that would result from climate change.

As a result, the microorganisms responsible for this unique process could not maintain their activity. This fact will force the sector to face a harsh reconversion through the adoption of new mechanisms and strategies, which endangers the economic sustainability of an entire region dedicated to this practice.

More information here: Could climate change spell doom for biologically aged Sherry? (thedrinksbusiness.com)

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