A recent survey reportedly found that 1,200 private corporations in the United States have set environmental goals but do not publicise those goals. This policy known as “greenhushing” may be growing due to “fear of a public backlash as corporate America becomes more deeply embroiled in a war over climate change.” The article also notes that the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom objected to an advertisement that implied purchases of the beverage would have “a positive environmental impact,” arguing that was “not the case” because the beverages were packaged in single-use plastic bottles. The article also notes that French law mandates that companies may only claim carbon neutrality legitimately if they do not generate any greenhouse emissions in their production, manufacture, or recharging of the product.

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Unctad's role in international wine trade

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Qatar Duty Free acquisisce il monopolio di vendita degli alcolici

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L'enologo siciliano Pietro Russo terzo Master of Wine Italiano

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Chilean scientists turn wine and beer residues into healthy foods

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Success for Oiv's ampelography course in Chile

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From December 4 to 8, 2023, the 3rd edition of...

Studio impatto delle filiere Federvini

24-01-2024 | Studi e Ricerche

Dalle Filiere Federvini più di 20 miliardi di valore aggiunto...


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