Comité européen des entreprises vins (Ceev) welcomed the European Commission’s proposal for an Eu soil monitoring and resilience law as “a first key step towards better vineyard’s soil protection and regeneration in Europe.”

Ceev Secretary General and Fivs Interim Co-President Ignacio Sánchez Recarte noted the fundamental role that soil plays in the development of vines and grapes, and said the Ceev would “continue to engage with European institutions and stakeholders throughout the legislative process to help achieve a good level of soil protection, while recognizing the specificities of our sector and the diversity of viticultural practices in the different production regions."

Russia may impose 200% duties on European wine

19-06-2024 | News

An official from the Federal Customs Service of Russia reportedly...

Negroni ancora in cima nella classifica mondiale dei cocktail

06-05-2024 | Trend

Negroni ûber alles… Ancora una volta il celebre aperitivo è...

Unctad's role in international wine trade

19-03-2024 | News

Unctad, composed of 195 countries, is the Un focal point...

Qatar Duty Free acquisisce il monopolio di vendita degli alcolici

01-03-2024 | Estero

Qatar Duty Free ha annunciato l'acquisizione completa di Qatar Distribution...

L'enologo siciliano Pietro Russo terzo Master of Wine Italiano

26-02-2024 | Arte del bere

Pietro Russo, rinomato enologo siciliano, ha ottenuto il prestigioso titolo...

Chilean scientists turn wine and beer residues into healthy foods

20-02-2024 | News

Chilean scientists Carmen Soto and Lida Fuentes are conducting innovative...


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