The Brexit Opportunities Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, announced on 13 July 2022 that the UK Government would partner with industry to launch innovative pilots to change the way the border operates, with implications for spirits, wine, and beer. The Ecosystem of Trust pilots will examine the use of technology, data, and trading relationships to alleviate administrative burdens and costs for traders. At the same time, the model will aim to create a more secure border, enabling traders to perform more self-assessment activities at their premises. These efforts are being led by FIVS Member, Chainvine, as well as Azarc, IBM & Maersk, Fujitsu, Palantir and the Institute of Export and International Trade.

Considering alternatives to glass wine bottles

02-08-2022 | News

The author cautions consumers from assuming that alternatives to the glass wine...

United Kingdom: Transformational border pilots to create an Ecosystem of Trust

02-08-2022 | News

The Brexit Opportunities Minister, Jacob Rees-Mogg, announced on 13 July...

Australia: China tariff crisis causes Australian wine exports to fall by AUD$2.08 billion

02-08-2022 | News

According to the latest Wine Australia’s Export Report, the value of Australian...

Working to reduce the wine sector’s carbon emissions from glass packaging

22-07-2022 | News

As the wine sector works to shrink its carbon footprint...

Climate change: Fires rage & temperatures soar throughout Europe

22-07-2022 | News

 Wildfires are raging in France and Spain as Europe experiences an...

Spain: Government approving reduction of grape insurance costs

22-07-2022 | News

The General Commission of the State Agricultural Insurance Entity (ENESA) reportedly...


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