The Scottish government tasked Public Health Scotland with evaluating the impact of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol beverages that was implemented in May 2018 and is currently set at £0.50 per unit of alcohol. Drawing on data from multiple sources, before and after implementation, including more than 700 quantitative interviews, more than 170 qualitative interviews, and analysis of survey data from over 100,000 participants, the study found a marked increase in the prices paid for alcohol by people with alcohol dependence and those drinking at harmful levels after the introduction of MUP, but no clear evidence of any change in consumption or severity of dependence.

The European Commission proposes renewal of glyphosate

27-09-2023 | News

On 22 September 2023, the European Commission’s Standing Committee on...

European Union: 2023 has been “rollercoaster" of natural disasters

27-09-2023 | News

This year, Europe have “endured another rollercoaster of natural disasters”...

Scottish government sets consultation on continuing minimum prices on alcohol

27-09-2023 | News

The Scottish government has proposed extending Minimum Unit Pricing (Mup)...

Argentina: 18 provinces have adopted zero alcohol law

27-09-2023 | News

Eighteen provinces in Argentina have now adopted the Zero Alcohol...

Turkey: Government expands ban on sale of alcohol

27-09-2023 | News

Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has amended regulations on...

California's Beverage Container Recycling Act: Implementation in 2024 and Label Requirements Coming in 2025

20-09-2023 | News

The California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act takes...


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