The Scottish government tasked Public Health Scotland with evaluating the impact of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol beverages that was implemented in May 2018 and is currently set at £0.50 per unit of alcohol. Drawing on data from multiple sources, before and after implementation, including more than 700 quantitative interviews, more than 170 qualitative interviews, and analysis of survey data from over 100,000 participants, the study found a marked increase in the prices paid for alcohol by people with alcohol dependence and those drinking at harmful levels after the introduction of MUP, but no clear evidence of any change in consumption or severity of dependence.

Usa: le esportazioni di alcolici aumentano del 30%

15-03-2023 | Estero

Lo scorso anno le esportazioni di alcolici statunitensi hanno raggiunto...

Modernized EU-Chile agreements on wines and spirits

15-03-2023 | News

Last Thursday (9 March), the modernised EU-Chile agreements on wines...

Ue-Uk agreement on Northern Ireland

15-03-2023 | News

The European Commission and the Government of the United Kingdom...

Summer wildfires still smoldering underground in southwest France

13-03-2023 | News

Portions of the enormous wildfires that burned last summer in...

Gene study finds grapes first domesticated 11,000 years ago

13-03-2023 | News

A gene study – “Two domestications for grapes: Glacial cycles...

Russia: Federation approves federal “Wine of Russia” stamps

13-03-2023 | News

The Russian Ministry of Finance has announced the approval of three federal...


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