Sono i milioni di euro delle esportazioni di vini e mosti nel 2019 che hanno registrato una variazione positiva in valore (+3,4%) e un’altrettanta crescita in volume con 22,7 milioni di hl (+9,6%).
I vini DOP presentano un trend positivo in volume con 6,2 milioni di hl (+ 13,5%). E anche in valore si conferma l’andamento con 2,6 milioni di euro (+8,4%).
I vini IGP mostrano una flessione sia in valore (-4,23%), con poco meno di 1,3 milioni di euro, sia in volume (-5,38%) con quasi 4,2 milioni di hl.

Australia: Launch of 100% recycled PET plastic wine bottles

24-06-2022 | News

The Australian market has launched a debut of eco-bottles made entirely of...

US TTB on "Standards of Fill"

24-06-2022 | News

The TTB proposed adding 10 additional authorised "standards of fill...

Usa: TTB proposes amending wine labeling regulations re addition of distilled spirits

24-06-2022 | News

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)...

UK: no evidence found that MUP implemented in 2018 led to reduction in harmful consumption

24-06-2022 | News

The Scottish government tasked Public Health Scotland with evaluating the impact of...

France: Drought threatens 2022 vintage

14-06-2022 | News

Although most winegrowers in Rhône have not been hit by...

United States: TTB proposes changes to standards of fill for wine

14-06-2022 | News

The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and...


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