C'è un Prosecco rosé che ha letteralmente "sbancato" nel Regno Unito. Ma non è un'etichetta italiana. E' il marchio della celebre pop star australiana Kylie Minogue. Kylie Minogue Wines ha…
La Commissione Europea ha avviato un’indagine sull’andamento dell’implementazione del secondo anno dell’Accordo di Partenariato Economico (EPA) UE – Giappone, reperibile al seguente link: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/EPA_Survey_2020_2021_Year2 L’obiettivo dell’indagine è quello di raccogliere le…
As reported by Agência Câmara de Notícias, Brazil’s parliament is reportedly reviewing legislation that would require warning labels on alcohol beverages, as well as in establishments that sell these products, regarding prenatal…
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Micro-managing cover crops to combat climate change

21-09-2022 | News

As extreme weather affects grape harvests worldwide, growers are refining their...

Russia: draft legislation for graphic health-warning labels may be introduced soon

21-09-2022 | News

The Russian State Duma Committee on Labour, Social Policy and...

Georgia: Development of supply chain traceability solution to tackle wine counterfeiting

21-09-2022 | News

The Cardano Foundation is developing a blockchain-based supply chain traceability solution for the Georgian wine...

Chile: Overplanting, drought, & even rabbits driving winemakers south from Casablanca

15-09-2022 | News

Overplanting and drought are reportedly driving a mass migration of Chilean winemakers...

Will global warming change the taste of wine?

15-09-2022 | News

Growers and winemakers are reportedly increasingly concerned that climate change is transforming...

Thailand: Duties on all alcohol, including no-alcohol beer, may be raised in 2023

15-09-2022 | News

The Director General of Thailand’s Revenue Department has reportedly said Thailand plans...


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